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Overview procurement optimisation

The following overview shows the most important areas of action for a strategic operating procurement department. convivax as procurement consultant will help you in all of these areas of procurement optimization. By clicking on the appropriate icon you will get to the respective topic:


Here, the optimization of procurement includes the individual topics presented or even pursue a holistic approach. In case of a holistic approach of procurement optimization, the two areas of performance improvement and cost reduction are closely linked as a rule.

Phase 1
Starting point for a comprehensive restructuring of the procurement department is the analysis of the status quo with respect to the procurement function and cooperation with the other business functions in the company. In this phase the actions are determined together with the procurement team and the necessary measures are defined.

Phase 2
By the improved processes and the adapted organization the sustainability of the introduced changes will be secured in middle to long term view. The immediate implementation of the new structures in projects is supported by the optimization of selected material groups. By doing so, the adaption of changes in all areas of the company are supported and the success for the change process increases significantly.

In addition to this, a Procurement manual could created and implemented with validity for the entire company, or a support for the procurement department by appropriate e-procurement tools be given.