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Health Care and Pharma

The convivax team has advised various companies and institutions in this field. The spectrum ranges from pharmaceutical companies, through service providers in the health care industry, insurance companies, hospitals (acute care/ psychiatric), nursing homes, retirement homes, to businesses in the field of medical technology. Below is a selection of projects:


  • Potential analysis in procurement
  • Centralization of purchasing across multiple locations
  • Realignment: Strategic / Operative Procurement
  • Implementation Service Level Agreements in Procurement
  • Implementation of service tenders and implementation results
  • Design and optimization of category management (across all locations)
  • Construction bundling organization and processes
  • Design and implementation of supply chain management (evaluation and development)
  • Creation and implementation of procurement manuals
  • Material cost reduction in various material groups
  • Development of shared services
  • Design and implementation of procurement controlling (BSC approach)
  • Training for strategic procurement
  • Global Sourcing (from GB to Eastern Europe)

Warehouse and logistics

  • Centralization of warehouse locations
  • Reorganisation of material and patient logistics
  • Integration of logistics services (e.g. laundry, dishes)
  • Tendering and outsourcing of warehousing / logistics services

Strategy and business optimization

  • Establish a medical call center
  • Design and implementation of managed care strategies
  • Start up management and business plan development
  • Manufacturing and Technology Assessment (electronics manufacturing)
  • Optimize repair process of major medical equipment
  • Optimize project management and project execution
  • Realignment of a business division
  • PMO for relocation of components to China
  • Optimize service processes