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Energy providers and public utility companies

Nevertheless, we have proven in various projects - both for large providers, as well as for regional positioned municipal utilities, that there are often improvement opportunities. We have executed the following projects in this branch (selection):

Structures and methods

  • Location definition in purchasing and definition of action areas
  • Conceptualisation of material group management and set up of a method building block
  • Conceptualisation and introduction of supplier management
  • Definition of standards for supplier assessment for a group of utility companies
  • Supplier development program in cooperation with purchasing and technology
  • Execution of supplier development workshops
  • Further development of the purchasing organisation for strategic purchasing
  • Development of a lead buyer structure
  • Realignment of purchasing and establishment of group purchasing
  • Definition of a system for purchasing controlling (Balanced Score Card)
  • Management coaching for purchasing management and team leaders in purchasing
  • Diverse trainings for strategic purchasing

Material cost reduction:

  • Cost reduction with saving between 3 and 65% - depending on the commodity group
  • Meshed materials (e.g. cables, muffs, pipes, fittings, fixtures, local network station)
  • Production (e.g. maintenance, disposal, filters, pumps, etc.)
  • Services (e.g. underground engineering, metre reading, engineering services, etc.)
  • Indirect materials (e.g. marketing, cleaning services, office supplies, legal services, etc.)
  • Telecommunication (e.g. end devices, network material, metre cabinets, etc.)
  • IT (e.g. hardware, server, software, IT services, etc.)