Change. Start

Approach & Philosophy

Convivax stands for the pretence of the results of our work and consists of the terms consulting (con) and "long-lasting or permanent” (Latin: vivax).

Consulting, implementation and change are the central idea of convivax. Our ambition is to not only demonstrate improvement through our excellent analysis, need for action and starting points, but to embed sustainable change in companies at the end of a project. A principle of our work is an early and intensive involvement of employees on all levels of hierarchy into the solution processes in order to set the corner stone for a later successful implementation. Surety for success is our expert knowledge. Thanks to an excellent wide-ranging network of practice-orientated specialists/partners, the understanding of corresponding problems, the subsequent development of pragmatic solution methods and their successful implementation is always guaranteed. We gladly have ourselves measured in the implementation of the achieved results – on request also in part with a share of our remuneration.